About Fenex

Fenex Luminous is regarded the best firm which is always enthusiastic to its manufacturing procedure of LED based lights for diverse area. We have emerged as a leading LED lighting manufacturer and exporters for automotive and buses in India.

Our Optoelectronics products ensure excellence; modernize instrumentation, originality, durability and productivity. We have the capacity of manufacturing 15, 00,000 units of lights such as LED automotive lights, LED bus salon lights, Roof light for automotive, RGB mood lights, Bus LED lighting and much more annually for different area.

We have the superlative qualified team of technicians who have the capability to enhance the quality control proceedings by examining the quality and stability of products functionality with the parameters of modern mechanism and international criteria of testing module. Our products is specialized to meet the standards of performance oriented, updated design, traditional overlook, economical and the energy saving attributes.

Fenex Luminous forever believes the concept of modernization, proficiency, brilliance, honesty and credibility. We are devoted to provide most excellent, consistent, cost effective, energy saving lights and products and we know that we are doing it with our full commitment. We pour our optimum efforts to be recognized as the best medium of business opportunities and association for our client.